Ballyfermot sees biggest slump in burglaries

By Maurice Garvey

HOMEOWNERS are urged not to get complacent in summer, despite a 32 per cent drop in burglaries in the Dublin Western Division, a security expert has warned.

According to latest figures from the Central Statistics Office, Ballyfermot saw the biggest slump in burglaries with figures plummeting by 54 per cent, from 271 to the latest figure of 126.

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Incidents in Clondalkin also reduced by 49 per cent, from 476 to 244.

Ronanstown is down 47 per cent, from 293 to 155, while Lucan break-ins fell by almost 39 per cent, from the 2015 tally of 280 to 172.

Rathcoole also saw a 33 per cent drop in burglaries, from 143 incidents in 2015 to 96 last year.

However, Jim Toal, managing director of Fairco Windows and Doors, believes opportunist criminals thrive in summer.

“Many people leave windows and front doors open while sitting in their back garden having a barbecue, not knowing that opportunist burglars are often lurking,” he said.

"Most burglars just drive into an estate looking for an open point of entry to be in and out in minutes. Summer means more daylight hours but burglars don't always hide under the shadow of night.

"If the window is large enough to stick your head through, it's large enough to break-into.”

"Leave your window open enough for ventilation but not for access," he added.

Fairco launched Ireland's first “guaranteed burglar-proof windows” which Jim says “have never been penetrated in a domestic situation.”

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