More proof that Ballyfermot people really are the salt of the earth

Our faith in humanity has been given a little boost after we heard the story of a very kind member of the public who took it upon themselves to do something very nice.

Jaime Finnegan from Ballyfermot lost her purse, which had a significant amount of cash in it, somewhere near Blackditch and Claddagh Road yesterday.

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The money in the purse included Euros and Dollars, which she had been saving for a trip to New York before she starts studying in Trinity College in September.

Taking to social media, she asked for help with its return before going to Gardai and cancelling all her cards.

It looked as if her trip to the Big Apple was going to remain a dream until the purse found its way through her letterbox, with every penny still inside.

Speaking yesterday Jaime said: “Usually when you read about Ballyfermot a lot of the time it is negative, but I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in Dublin.

“I lost my purse today and stupidly I had a lot of money in there, Euros and Dollars, and as you can imagine I was a wreck, I was so upset.”

She continued: After looking for it for a while and then going to the Gardai to cancel all my cards I went home a couple of hours later and someone had put the purse in my letterbox.

“I’ve no idea who it was, there was no note or anything with it, but I can’t be anymore thankful!

“I really, really, really wish I knew who it was, but it just proves that the majority of people from Ballyfermot are the salt of the earth and genuine honest people.”

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