Ireland's spiciest curry powder made in Clondlakin is so hot it comes with gloves

If you like your curry hot (and we mean damn hot!!!) then ‘Oh Fahl’ from Spice Devils based in Clondalkin may just have what you crave.

Using the Carolina Reaper pepper, noted as the hottest chilli pepper in the world by the Gunness Book of World Records in 2013, using ‘Oh Fahl’ requires the use of gloves, which are kindly supplied.

Oh Fahl

Creating spice brands at home in Clondalkin since 2013, entrepreneur Shakeel Jeeroburkan has worked hard to develop his curry powders and other products, and have claimed several awards in recent years.

Now operating out of ACE Enterprise Park in Bawnogue, the latest offering from Shakeel has upped the chilli count, and is aimed at those of you who are seasoned hot food eaters.

‘Oh Fahl’ is Shakeel’s take on Phaal, the world’s hottest curry.

Production is now underway, and ‘Oh Fahl’ will soon be on sale at

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