Motorist furious after clamp and fine for village parking

By Maurice Garvey

A MOTORIST was clamped and fined despite paying for her parking spot in Tuthills car park in Clondalkin village – not the first such time someone has been caught out at the location.

South Dublin County Council control pay and display spaces on the footpath in front of the shops, however the rest of the carpark is operated privately and managed by RFC Security Services.

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The Tuthills car park in Clondalkin village

Following public pressure from motorists last year, South Dublin County Council introduced new signage at the car park.

Recently, motorist Sharon Brady parked on the Tuthills side of the car park, but not at the kerb directly in front of the shops.

Purchasing tickets in the belief she was covered on the Tuthills side of the carpark, Sharon was disgusted to find her car clamped, which comes with a €120 release fee.

Speaking to The Echo, she said RFC “wouldn’t listen to the fact I had paid for parking and the council said it wasn’t their problem.”

Last year, Clondalkin resident Lynn Byrne started an online poll to measure public opinion on the “mean-spirited” system, discovering many residents were getting caught out.

A spokesman for SDCC said two signs located in the private car park and on a council parking meter highlight “only cars parked along the kerb outside the shops are the responsibility of SDCC.”

“The clamped car is on the RFC side of the carpark as the Pay and Display area that the council is responsible for, clearly states that this machine is for the spaces along the kerb only.”

SDCC say they have no jurisdiction over the rest of the carpark nor any dealings with RFC.

“Unfortunately the person whose vehicle was clamped did get a parking tag which does not cover the private car park.”

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