Top five tips on how you and your dog can exercise together this summer

By Mary Dennehy

FANCY getting fit with your dog? 

Maxi Zoo in Tallaght is this Friday and Saturday (May 18 and 19) helping local dog owners to think differently about exercise and to develop new ways of getting into shape for the summer in the company of their pet.

Promoting a new exercise with your pet initiative, the free advisory days will provide pet owners with an insight into the fun things they can do to with their pets to enjoy the longer and warm summer evenings, with activities including walking, running, swimming, hiking and picknicking.

Mazi Zoo 2

Tallaght dog Ali enjoying a walk and some stick throwing in the weir in Firhouse 

According to Emma Fanning, Education Officer at Maxi Zoo Ireland: “A dog is the best exercise partner you can find and exercising with your pet is one of the most enjoyable ways to improve your own health and that of your pets.

“Well-exercised dogs live happy and healthy lives but it is important to take time to understand what works best for your breed of dog, taking its age, physical constitution and body type into consideration.”

This Friday and Saturday, pet owners will gain insights into the beneficial role that running and co-ordination exercises like fetch and tug-o-war have to play in helping to keep pets fit and healthy, to fight against muscle degeneration, to teach new commands and to strengthen the bond between them and their pet.

They can also pick up simple, practical tips, like making sure they leave themselves enough breath to command their dog, the value of keeping their pet in sight at all times and avoiding mid-day heat in summer by making the most of early morning and bright evening walks.

Store visitors attending the advisory days can also avail of 15 per cent off the entire Dogs Creek range of high-durability products including frisbees, bottles, bowls and snack bags that are specially designed for outdoor use.

Those availing of the offer will also receive a coupon entitling them to 15 per cent off their next Dogs Creek transaction.

Maxi Zoo 1

Your dog can be your best exercise partner 

The store’s pet experts are available to talk about each activity in detail at the store’s advisory days.

Here’s five top tips compiled by Maxi Zoo of activities, tips and insights that local dog owners can adopt to enjoy summer with their pets!


Start simple – take your pet for a walk every day. Use the time you have, whether that’s ten minutes or an hour. Small dogs tire faster, so watch for signs of exhaustion like excessive panting, slowing or stopping pace and limping. 


Always be prepared. Pack enough food, water and first aid for you and your pet. Never let your pet off-leash in an unknown area. Pack space saving, collapsible water and food bowls and bring ball launchers to entertain your pet during breaks.


A game of fetch with a sturdy, aerodynamic Frisbee that is specially designed for dogs is hard to beat. Games like these provide a great mental and physical workout for your dog and an enjoyable way to spend a summer evening together.


What could be better than taking your pet on a picnic. Pay attention to day time temperatures and find shaded resting places and settings. Take a pet snack bag. Test pavement temperatures and avoid walking on paths for prolonged periods if ground temperatures are high in sunlight.


A lot of dogs love water whether that’s at the beach, a lake or a safe river. Pet owners can also set up an inflatable pool at home that is especially suitable for dogs that are not good at swimming. 

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