Foxborough Road set to get new pedestrian crossing

By Brendan Grehan

FOXBOROUGH ROAD in Lucan is to get a new pedestrian crossing outside the Centra, the Lucan Area Committee meeting of South Dublin County Council has heard.

Councillor Ed O’Brien had tabled the question asking the Chief Executive to “confirm the number and location of all pedestrian crossings agreed to be installed by this area committee in the past 24 months and report on the installation of those pedestrian crossings?"

foxborough road pedestrian crossing 13042017

The Council replied that in 2015 it was proposed to install two pedestrian crossings in each ACM area. No such locations were identified but the equipment for the crossings was purchased and held in stock.

The Council added that in 2016 it was proposed to install two pedestrian crossings in each ACM area and two locations were identified, Esker Road and Meile an Rí. Pedestrian crossings were installed at the locations.

In 2017 four locations were chosen and finally Foxborough Road at Centra/ Bus Stop was selected. The crossing was installed at this location and will be commissioned as soon as a connection to the ESB network is provided.

The Council added that there are currently no further proposals for the installation of pedestrian crossings.

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