Plans for dog litter bins are shot down

THE introduction of dog litter bins in Griffeen Valley Park has been shot down by South Dublin County Council.

At a recent Lucan Area Committee meeting of SDCC, Councillor Liona O’Toole proposed that the “Chief Executive examines introducing dog litter bins on a pilot basis in Griffeen Park to ascertain their effectiveness and possibly resulting in a reduction of dog waste."


The Council replied that they conducted a review of litter bins in 2017 and the provision of dog litter specific bins were considered.

The Council added: “The review concluded that the provision of dog litter specific bins would require a major change to the existing collection operation.   

“It is not Council policy to provide separate bins for separate types of waste and no change is proposed in that regard.”

The Council said that every bin in Griffeen Valley Park “is available for the disposal of light litter including dog waste and is considered the best approach”.  

Cllr O’Toole told The Echo: “I asked that the management considers introducing dog litter bins on a pilot basis if results showed they weren't effective then we would not make them policy, most of the councillors supported the idea, however management advised that education was the best way forward, I pointed out that the number of bins in our parks are still very low and management have committed to reviewing the Griffeen Park and increase the bins where necessary.”

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