Open daytime drug-dealing around estates causes residents concern for their children

By Mary Dennehy

LETTERS are being sent to the Minister for Justice and the local judiciary concerning open drug-dealing across Tallaght estates.

In September this paper investigated open, daytime drug-dealing on the streets of Tymon North, with Echo reporters witnessing deals being made in full view of residents and in the vicinity of local schools.

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Tymon North is only one of a number of estates being used as an open market for drug-dealing, a growing concern of residents which is intimidating locals and normalising the selling and availability of drugs to younger generations.

Labour Party councillor Mick Duff, who lives in Tymon North and is also a member of the Tallaght Drugs and Alcohol Task Force (TDATF), told The Echo: “This is such a frustrating and intimidating situation for residents.

“These lads think they’re like Teflon and are taking over estates with their brazen drug deals.

“They know every rat-run in the area, and are going back and forwards all day with small amounts on them – small enough amounts, so if they do get caught, they’ll be back out on the streets in no time.

“These lads think they’re immortal and until a judge says “no” and doesn’t let somebody back out onto the streets, there is no deterrent to this lifestyle – or for other young people to follow suit.”

He added: “It is very frightening for residents and also frustrating, as reports are being made to Tallaght Garda Station but nothing seems to be happening.

“Local Gardaí are doing what they can but they don’t have the resources or the luxury to park a car in Tymon North all day, every day.

“Between TDATF and local councillors, there is ongoing debate concerning this issue and a letter is being sent to the Minister of Justice and the local judiciary highlighting the reality on the streets of Tallaght and asking them to review the bail laws – and local Garda resources.”

Businesses within Tymon North have also being targeted in recent months, with retailers in the local shopping centre being hit by raiders looking for quick cash to buy drugs, with Cllr Duff believing that these raiders are prolific users of cocaine and crack cocaine.

“These guys are living locally and are looking for quick cash to buy drugs”, Cllr Duff said.

“These lads would be consuming drugs on a large scale and are not looking for big amounts just enough to buy their next hit.”

Grace Hill, co-ordinator of the TDATF, said: “Many concerns have been raised around open drug-dealing in communities, especially close to schools and community services.


“The local gardaí are out there and they do care, but they are under-resourced and are doing their best.

“Also, when these dealers are arrested, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be convicted and you have young people in the community seeing an older lad committing a crime, getting off and then driving around in a Land Rover – it glamorises this type of criminal activity.

“A letter is being sent to the local judiciary to highlight this growing issue.”

She added: “It’s frustrating for the community not seeing an improvement but I would encourage people to keep reporting any criminal activity they see.

“The Gardaí need reports to act on and build cases.” 

Contact Tallaght Garda Station on 6666000.



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