Echo Letters: Career criminals need to be jailed for longer time

By Echo Reader

Dear Editor,

I would like to support Councillor Mark Ward’s call to the Tánaiste and Minister for Justice Francis Fitzgerald for extra resources for our Gardai to deal with anti-social behaviour and serious crime, as reported in last week’s Echo (January 19). But extra Gardai alone is really not enough.

A relatively small number of repeat offenders inflict misery on our community, particularly the more vulnerable and those living in more socially deprived areas of our constituency.

Dublin Courts 4

It takes hours of good investigative work on the part of our Gardai to secure a conviction in court, but too often this merely results in bail, probation or a short sentence.

Our Gardai are forced to continually play games of cat and mouse with career criminals, knowing that often, their work will only give short relief to the local community.

My party Renua was the only one to call for a mandatory life sentence for those repeatedly committing serious crimes. It was the only party that was prepared to hold parents to account for the actions of their children, where they were unwilling rather than unable to exercise control.

Yes we do need more prison places at least in the short term, so as to ensure career criminals are removed from our communities for longer. Is it not time that we all advocated for zero tolerance to crime and the misery that it inflicts on our community?

Yours sincerely,

Cllr Ronan McMahon,

Renua, South Dublin County Council,

County Hall.

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