Echo Letters: Hell Fire project could be good for tourism if commonsense prevails

A Chara,

AS someone who walks the hills, climbs to the Hell Fire Club with family and friends regularly and rambles through Massy’s, I was against this project when I first heard the rumour.

Since my visit to the open day last week in the stadium, my discussions with the SDCC personnel, and looking at the plans, I am changing my mind.

Hellfire Club 2 resized

You cannot make an omelette without breaking an egg – so not everyone will be happy but the common good based on common-sense should prevail.

My concerns are as follows –

Traffic Control: Not convinced they have thought it through –maybe a one-way system to cater for the volume without major road widening.

Sewerage: A written condition that the new pipe run would not be an opening for housing up the hills.

The general area could do with a face-lift; money spent on tourism is not wasted as this may be the only money-spinner Ireland will have to offer in the coming years.

Things we get for nothing we do not respect, so a €5 charge for parking could go towards the maintenance of the area and help combat fly-tipping and the general disposal of rubbish that will happen with larger crowds. An electric gate on the car park opened and closed remotely earlier / later would be a start.

Is mise le meas.

Leo Oman, Tallaght.

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