Crèche access strewn with glass and rubbish

Children are walking through broken glass and drug paraphernalia to access a crèche in Clondalkin, according to Sinn Féin councillor Mark Ward.

The privately owned lane at Chaplain’s Place is not under the responsibility of South Dublin County Council, and has become a hive for illegal dumping.

chaplins lane chris

Cllr Ward said: “I have been working on the issue of illegal dumping in the lane at Chaplain’s Place for quite some time now.  This lane divides the shops and the old Rowlagh Credit union building.

“It is the main walkway through to First Steps Crèche, which is located in the HSE building at the rear of the shops. Young kids are having to walk through discarded domestic waste, broken glass, building material and there have been reports of discarded drug paraphernalia on a daily basis.”

Cllr Ward has contacted SDCC, who, while not in ownership of the lane, have cleared away illegal dumping at various stages.

As a result of the private ownership issue, Cllr Ward says he will be “contacting shopkeepers, the owner of the apartments, the HSE and First Steps Crèche and asking them to resolve this issue.”

“We can’t have our young children dealing with this on a daily basis. We need to start encouraging our young to have pride in their area and the least we can do is to keep it clean for them.

“However, the primary responsibility is to those that are doing the dumping. This behaviour has no place in North Clondalkin and will not be tolerated.”

SDCC say the lane is in private ownership and “maintenance and upkeep of it is a matter for the landowner.”

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