Evans is fully focused ahead of Olympics

By Stephen Leonard

SCOTT Evans is determined not to allow anything to distract him from his preparation for next month’s Olympic Games in Rio.

The Ireland badminton international will be heading to Brazil for what will be, no less than, his third Summers Games and believes experience will keep him fully focused on the task at hand.

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While the games start on August 3, badminton competition will not kick off until eight days later, although the draw is expected to take place next Tuesday.

The draw and his Olympic prospects is something Evans is not allowing himself to become too concerned with, telling The Echo “The draw plays a huge part and I can’t do anything about that. All I can do is just focus on my own training and preparation.

“If I try to focus on things I can’t affect I’m just wasting energy and I want to put all that energy into my training and getting mentally prepared.

“If I do that I know I can beat any player in the world. I’ve done it before. If I can continue the way I’ve been going for past six weeks I can do well” he insisted.

Evans, who made the move to Denmark some 11 years ago in order to be able to train and compete alongside some of the sport’s best players, will be tapping into his vast reserves of experience during his time in Brazil.

“I think mentally coming into the Olympic Village for the first time can be very challenging” said the former Wesley College student.

“It’s the biggest event for so many sports and being in that environment can be difficult, but I’ve been through that process already.

“And the fact that badminton won’t be starting until the 11th will mean that players will have more time there before competition begins and there can be more distractions.

“I’m older and have more experience and that should really help me” he stressed.

It has and will be all go for Evan as he continues the build-up for Rio.

Having enjoyed quality training with the Danish national team in recent weeks, he will also be taking part in camps in England and France where he will training with the likes of the English, German and French Number Ones.

“It’s good because I’ll be concentrating fully on my training and I won’t have any distractions” explained Evans.

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