The Echo - 1 October 2020

Mother Tongues Festival OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS AND PERFORMERS TO PARTICIPATE T he Mother Tongues Festival is gearing up for another installment with an open call for artists, performers and workshop organizers to participate in the 2021 edition to be held in February. The Festival is the largest of its kind in Ireland, incorporating artists who use their bilingualism or multilingualism at the core of their work or communication practice. From there, the artists perform musical numbers, host workshops with kids, submit poetry or deliver talks on language that, Director of the Mother Tongues Festival, Francesca La Morgia called “a living organism that grows, moves, goes back and forth, sometimes disappearing, sometimes reappearing to stir some new emotions.” Last year’s programme was held in Blanchardstown and Tallaght, much of the latter events held at Rua Red. With the 2021 Festival programme being constructed, the Mother Tongues Creative Platform is offering a variety of services and support that “amplifies the voices of migrant and refugee artists and offers high quality experiences for diverse communities to engage with the arts,” according to the platform website. Among those services are artist residencies, by Lauren Mattice / supported by the South Dublin County Council, and currently held by artist Zeenie Summers SÀ.Rù.Mí and architect Muhammad Achour. Additionally, Mother Tongues has come to Rua Red with the See Through Café initiative, curated by artist Anca Danila, sociologist Evgeny Shtorn and La Morgia. The Café aims to bring people together who have shared interests in art, diversity and community. Because of Covid-19 restrictions, many of the Café’s events are being held online, including a conversation with director and playwright Romi Cruañas on September 26. Mother Tongues’ third platform, the Mother Tongues Families, works to promote communication between parents and their toddlers through linguistic development. Though these in-person activities have also been paused due to Covid-19, the platform posts regular updates on new events and activities on their website: platform/ The programme of participating artists for the 2021 Mother Tongues Festival is expected to be released in early January. The Echo, Thursday, October 1, 2020 43