Man who was naked from waist down and was carrying stun gun to fight his case

Man who was naked from waist down and was carrying stun gun to fight his case

By Brendan Grehan

A MAN who was naked from the waist down and armed with a stun gun while he was allegedly involved in a struggle with a female Garda intends to fight his case, Blanchardstown District Court has heard.

Thomas Gleeson was allegedly armed with a stungun when Garda Goretti Lynch and her colleague came across him in the car park of Adamstown train station in Lucan.

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Garda Lynch had been investigating a black BMW that was parked in the car park with its windows steamed up.

Gleeson, aged 25, with an address at Rockingham Avenue, Leixlip, is charged with producing a stun gun during the course of a dispute with Garda Lynch and with possession of the stun gun at Adamstown train station, Lucan, on October 16, 2016.

Judge David McHugh had previously accepted jurisdiction.

The court had heard it will be alleged the gardai were on patrol when they went to the car park and saw a black BMW parked there.

It was the only vehicle in the car park and the gardai activated the blue lights on their patrol car.

They got out of the car and noticed that the BMW’s windows were steamed up.

The gardai allegedly repeatedly called out “garda” and shone flashlights into the car with no success.

When they knocked on the window,  Gleeson jumped out, naked from the waist down, it was alleged.

Gleeson had in his possession what gardai described as a stun gun.

It was alleged he lunged at Garda Lynch, “narrowly missing her” as she jumped back.

The officer raised her baton and said: “Garda – drop your weapon; garda – drop your weapon.”

Another garda assisted her and the accused was arrested, the court  had heard.

Gleeson was before Judge David McHugh for a plea or a date for hearing.

His solicitor,  Conor MacGuill, told Judge McHugh that he had received some disclosure in the case but was still awaiting some CCTV.

He said Gleeson was pleading not guilty to the charges.

Mr MacGuill said there had been matters reported in the initial hearing of the case and that “colour” had been added to the story.

He said this had caused some embarrassment to his client.

Judge McHugh asked Mr MacGuill if he was seeking an order for his client not to be named. Mr McGuill said he was not seeking such an order.

Judge McHugh said he would not be making any comment in relation to the reporting of the case.

Judge McHugh remanded Gleeson on continuing bail to January 31 next for hearing in Blanchardstown Court.