Moire Ryan and Bobby Keena: Meet our sixth Red Cow Moran Hotel wedding competition finalists

Moire Ryan and Bobby Keena: Meet our sixth Red Cow Moran Hotel wedding competition finalists

The Echo Newspaper in association with The Red Cow Moran Hotel are giving one lucky couple the chance to win their dream wedding for 100 guests worth €6,000.

After hundreds of entries, we now have our finalists, and over the coming weeks we will be bringing you a Q&A with each couple.

Red Cow Wedding Copmpetition 2

Get to know our finalists: Moire Ryan and Bobby Keena from Tallaght.

How long are you together?

18 years.

How long are you engaged?

Too long. 12 years.

How did you meet? 

Bobby: We met through Moire’s friends who worked in the same snooker hall that I played in, we were only kids - 16 and 17 years-old.

I can’t even say I asked her out on a date as such - we just hung around together for a bit and it went from there.

Who purposed? 

Moire: Bobby, lots of times. Then, I think he got fed up asking me!

How did Robert purpose? 

Bobby: I asked her the night of her 21st birthday, before we went out to celebrate. I knew if I asked her in front of people she would hate that and probably say no.

What’s the most romantic or thoughtful thing you have done for each other?

Moire: With five kids, romance these days is Bobby taking them all out just to give me some peace and quiet or doing the school runs before he goes to work so I can have a lie in – it’s the little things that show how much he cares!

Bobby: Probably the most thoughtful thing was her letting me put an extension onto the house just for a snooker table! She hates snooker but it was always my dream to have my own practise table and she supported that dream even when I thought it would never happen.

What would your ‘first dance’ song be?

As cheesy as it sounds it might have to be Ronan Keating ‘When you say nothing at all” it really brings us back to when we met. What would it mean to win this prize?

Honestly it would just be the kick we need to make a definite start on our wedding plans – like setting a date and and making arrangements instead of ‘someday’. Over the years it was never our first priority, we have lived together 16 years and over time there was always saving for a mortgage, a new baby or some excuse to push it back. Winning would definitely make it so much easier and it would make us put ourselves first for a change!

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