An Autumn Adventure - Jade (9) pens winning Echo story

Jade Braiden is the winner of The Echo's Autumn story competition, in partnership with Folens. Jade also illustrated her story and made it into a mini-book. 

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Milly. She lived in the countryside.

Milly loved autumn because beside her house there was a forest.

In the forest at autumn time all the leaves would fall on the ground. She would see squirrels running up trees and see birds flying in the sky.

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On her first day back to school Milly was ready for new lessons, a new teacher and new people.

So, she hopped into her car and her dad drove her to school. “Are you excited for school honey?” her dad asked her softly. “Yes, I am so excited to see my friends,” Milly said.

Finally, Milly had got to school! She was so excited to see her best friend! (it was her only friend).

She walked into the yard past all the other children.

When Milly got into her classroom, she could not see her best friend Mia! Milly sat down at her desk and waited with all the other kids for their teacher to come in.

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“Welcome everyone to a new year,” the teacher said. ‘but I am afraid I have some bad news.

Mia had to leave the school because back in Canada her grandma is very sick so Mia has to take care of her.” The whole class gasped, but mainly Milly. Poor Milly her only friend gone!

 “Ok, let’s start lessons now,” said Milly’s teacher. Open up page 79 in your math’s books.”

So, all the children opened it up and looked at the questions but Milly was too upset.

All she could think of was her best friend Mia! After a while it was yard time.

BUZZ BUZZ!!! The bell had gone for yard.

So all the kids jumped up out of their seats and went to get their coats.

They lined up and their teacher brought them to the yard.

When they got out to the yard Milly had nobody to play with so she sat down by herself.

A few hours went by and it was home time. For Milly it felt like forever. Milly ran to the bus so it could take her home. As soon as she got home, she went straight towards the forest beside her house.

“Hi honey,” her mum said when Milly walked by, but Milly didn’t answer. Then Milly started to run to the forest.

She ran past her dad as well.” Are you ok honey” Asked her dad. But Milly just ignored him.

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Finally, Milly was at the forest when Milly was in the forest, she went straight to the swing her and her dad built.

So, she hopped on the swing and just sat on it thinking about all the fun times they had. But all of a sudden Milly her a branch snap. CRICK!

There it was again CRICK! And again. What could it be? She turned around nothing was there. She looked left and right – nothing was there. But she could tell something or someone was watching her. But she didn’t know what. She was so scared.

Milly was looking backwards, she turned back around to face forwards. But when she looked back two eyes where looking at her. Milly was so scared she froze with fear!

The creature was getting closer. But the creature was just as scared as Milly. When it came out of the fog Milly got a closer look. It was a dog, a white fluffy dog.

The dog ran over to Milly and jumped on her. Milly patted the dog. Milly LOVED THE DOG! So she hopped off the swing and checked if it had a collar.

The dog didn’t have a collar. So Milly picked up the dog and carried it to her house.

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When Milly walked in the door of her house her mom and dad ran over and said: “Are you ok? And why are you holding a DOG?” “I found it, can we keep it?” Molly said.

“I don’t know if you can take care of it honey” her mom said.

“I can, I can” Milly said.

“Okay, fine. Hop in the car and we will go to the pet store and get dog food, a collar and some other stuff,” her mom and dad said.

“Yaaaaaaaaaaa. Thank you so much!” MILLY CRIED.

A few weeks later it was bring your pet to school day. Milly was so happy she didn’t care she had carrots for lunch.

When she got to school she saw everyone’s pets. John brought his turtle, Jazz brought her spider, Robert brought his dog, Ella brought her Hamster, Alan brought his cat and Rachel brought her mice.

Everything was so cute but Mike was trying to stay away from Rachel with her mice. But then someone with brown curly hair walked in “I think I know who that is” their teacher said. It was……… Milly’s best friend MIA!! “OMG!” Milly cried! She ran over and gave Mia a hug.

“I missed you so much” Mia cried. They were sooooooo Happy!! “where did you get a dog” Mia asked. “on an adventure” Milly replied. “I had an autumn adventure” Milly said. They were together ever since.


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