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Welcome back to this week’s eBeauty Blog. This week is all about Tanning Thursday focusing on reviews of different tans that we here at The Echo are loving at the moment. I got my mam Brenda to help me out this week to review the tan she uses at almost 40!

Whether you are a seasoned tanner or are trying tan at home for the first time I hope this blog helps you towards a flawless summer glow.

He-Shi Tan review for dry skin

I was gifted two of the he-shi tans from Fiona at The Works PR a couple of weeks ago and decided to try them out for a couple of weeks so I can give an honest review of the product. If I’m being honest, He-Shi tans would have never been a tan that I would ever think of picking up and I’m not really sure why, so I was really excited to try these out.

I love a dark tan but find it really hard to get my hands on a good one that doesn’t stick to dry areas and that doesn’t fade horribly. I know that he-shi is free of parabens and alcohols so I was hopeful that this tan would answer all my dry skin prayers!

Pic 1 1he-shi Dark Foaming Mouse

Dark Foaming Mousse

As I have said before a dark tan is my favorite, I really hate being pale and I definitely believe a good dark tan can give the illusion that you’ve dropped a few pounds! I applied this tan with a velvet tanning mitt because I believe they help with a more even tan application. This tan went on really nice and had a great guide colour, I think I applied the tan around 6pm and I could already see a lovely dark tan a couple of hours later. I wore light colored pj’s on purpose, to see if the product left stains throughout the night.

The next morning, I was so pleasantly surprised. Hardly any staining and I didn’t smell like curry powder, my boyfriend was even surprised with how little smell there was! The colour was gorgeous, really olive toned and just dark enough. It also came off so well with only a few stubborn patches on the usual areas (knees, elbows, ankles), no scaly skin just a gorgeous fade.

Pic 2 1

Sophie ready for a night our wearing the Dark Mousse

Golden Foaming Mousse

So yes, I do love a dark tan but I have been looking to try a lighter one for during the week and also for holidays as a little top up because, like most Irish women, I don’t tan very well. Again, I applied this with my velvet tanning mitt for an even tan application. I applied this to my body and also my face right before I went to bed.

From using the Dark Foaming Mousse I had very high expectations and wow this tan did not disappoint! Like the dark foam, there was little to no stains and no smell. The colour was to die for, such a nice golden glow for summer and looked fab on the face too. I was pleasantly surprised by this one, I think it could be my new fave!

Pic 3 1

The next morning, after shower result of the Golden Mousse, Sophie’s go-to every day tan

Tan review for the 40’somethings

Hi, Sophie’s mam Brenda here, I recently purchased the Skinny Tan Coconut Water Tanning Mist after seeing ads about its skin benefits for the more mature tanner. I paid £40 for two bottles P&P and a free gift which was their 7-Day Tanner.

PIC 4 1

Skinny Tan Coconut Water Mist and 7-Day Tanner

Tanning Mist

I have been using the Tanning Mist for a few weeks now and find it’s very good, you can either apply it with your hands (but wash after each body part application) or with a mitt, in my opinion the end result is better when applying with your hands but don’t forget to wash them in-between.

The Tanning Mist is a gradual tan without a colour guide so if you are looking for an instant tan this is not the one to use however, the gradual tan which comes up over the next 5-7 hours has a lovely end result and doesn’t fade much after you shower.

PIC 5 1

Tanning Mist results after showering

My weekly routine is, apply Friday morning and have a lovely natural tan for the weekend and into the following week. Make sure to follow Sophie’s tan prep from last week or if you’re like me and don’t need too much removal of last week’s tan, a light exfoliation and moisturise are still essential, and keep an eye on those elbows, knees, ankles and cuticles.

Tip: I rub a baby wipe around my cuticles, in-between my hands for my palms and in-between my toes to remove any excess.

7 Day Tanner

When Sophie asked me to review my tan for her more mature readers, I decided to give the 7-Day Tanner a go too. This has a colour guide and for me is a tan you have to apply in the evening and leave overnight before showering the next day.

Again, it was easy to apply however, as a consequence of my almost 40 years I can sweat at night and the transfer from this tan was pretty bad, it was all over my pj’s and bed sheets!

The final result was a much lighter natural tan than the mist (this could be due to my sweating!?) but if I am going to go through the long-winded, night before, tanning routine, I would expect the tan to be darker. However, if it is a very natural tan that you are looking for (so you simply don’t look like a White Walker), the end result of the 7-Day Tanner would be perfect for you.

PIC 6 1

7-Day Tanner before and after showering, the help of a white arm was needed to show there was tan as it had faded so much after showering

Best for me at 40

For me the Tanning Mist will be my go-to tan, it’s so quick and easy to apply, genuinely has a lovely smell and only a slight ‘tan smell’ as is develops, doesn’t transfer to bed sheets or clothes, comes off very naturally and is perfect for my more mature skin. Brenda

I hope you enjoyed this week’s topic of ‘Tanning Thursday’ and big thanks to me mam for her review, if you have any further tanning questions please get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.

Also, if you have tried these tans out or are planning on renovating your tanning routine please let me know!

Sophie x


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