Accused assaulted his partner in front of their young child
Dublin Circuit Criminal Court

Accused assaulted his partner in front of their young child

A man who assaulted his partner in broad daylight in front of their young child has been handed a prison sentence, reports Eimear Dodd.

Craig Corcoran (29), of Monastery View, Gate Green, Clondalkin, pleaded guilty to assault causing harm, trespass and obstruction of a peace officer on February 17, 2022 at Empress Place, Dublin 1.

Judge Orla Crowe said it would have been “terrifying for the child” to see their mother attacked by their father.

She imposed a sentence of 27 months with the final six months suspended for two years on strict conditions, including that Corcoran place himself under the supervision of the Probation Service.

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard on Monday that Corcoran and his then former partner had agreed to meet to talk about their child. The couple were separated at the time, but have since reconciled and are now engaged.

The victim left to collect the child from school, but agreed to meet Corcoran later.

While she was walking home with the child, the victim spotted Corcoran following them. A row started during which Corcoran punched the victim in the face and the back of her head.

Corcoran then tripped and the victim kicked him, telling him to leave. When Corcoran got up, he punched the victim again before walking away.

The victim followed and called gardai. Corcoran punched the victim again, leaving her with blood on her face and nose.

When gardai arrived, Corcoran ran off. He climbed a wall and gardai asked him to stop, but he ignored their request. Corcoran managed to enter a building via its roof, where he was arrested.

Photos of the victim’s injuries were submitted to the court, but no victim-impact statement was made.

Corcoran has 66 previous convictions, mainly in the District Court, including five for assault and seven for drugs.

The investigating garda agreed with Carol Doherty BL, defending, that her client cannot recall this incident, but feels great shame for his actions.

Ms Doherty said her client accepts that his drug use is the “root of his problems” and has made efforts to deal with his addiction while in custody and is now sober. He has also completed an alternatives-to-violence course.

Corcoran has reconciled with his partner and wishes to focus on his family when released. A letter of apology from Corcoran was handed to the court.

Ms O’Doherty said her client has family support and asked Judge Crowe for as much leniency as possible.

Judge Crowe said Corcoran had assaulted his then ex-partner in “broad daylight” in the presence of their child, which were considered aggravating factors.

She noted Corcoran had also caused gardai “no end of trouble” before his arrest.

She said it was “shameful” that Corcoran can’t recall his behaviour during this incident and is unable to confront his actions.

Judge Crowe noted the mitigating factors included Corcoran’s apology, guilty plea and efforts to deal with his addiction while in custody.

She said while Corcoran’s addiction might be the cause of his offending, “people with drug problems don’t behave like that”.

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