Council looks for details on housing units in Rathcoole

Council looks for details on housing units in Rathcoole

SOUTH Dublin County Council has requested additional information about plans for the development of 69 housing units on Green Lane in Rathcoole, to be a mixture of houses and apartments, which has amassed 17 third-party objections.

Comoville Developments has outlined plans for a residential development consisting of 52 two-storey houses in a mix of terraced, semi-detached and detached houses, and 17 apartments.

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It is proposed that there will be six three-bedroom houses, eight three-bedroom houses with a study and 38 four-bedroom houses, while there are plans for the apartment units to consist of four one-bedroom units, 12 two-bedroom units and one three-bedroom unit in three blocks of three storeys.

It is proposed that car parking will be provided by 132 surface car-parking spaces, in a combination of in-curtilage and grouped parking, while the apartment units will be provided with 21 sheltered bicycle parking spaces.

The submission includes plans for the proposed development to have a gross floor area of 10,086 sq m at the approximately 2.4-hectare site.

The proposed site also includes part of the Rathcoole Boys’ Football Club lands and Forest Hills required for connection to the sewer network.

In terms of access, the proposed development includes amendments to the existing roadway at St Anne’s Terrace and amendments and upgrades to Green Lane, including provision of a new footpath on Green Lane, along with new development entrance piers at the entrance to the proposed development.

Seventeen third-party objections to the proposed development have been submitted by local residents, who lodged their objections on a number of grounds.

These grounds include concerns about the potential for increased traffic congestion, the loss of public green space on St Anne’s Terrace, the proposed housing units overlooking existing residents’ homes, flooding, upsetting the existing hedgerows and animal habitats in the area, and concerns about increased pressure on schools in the area as a result of new families moving into the proposed development.

The council has requested additional information  about the proposed development, including a revised roads layout drawing, revised drawings showing the location of the hydro brake on the surface water system and revised drawings indicating the provision of solar panels.

South Dublin County Council requested additional information on the application on November 21, the applicant must submit the additional information within six months of the council’s decision date.

If the additional information is not received within the six-month period then the application will be considered withdrawn.

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