Council tenants are not allowed to keep pigeons

Council tenants are not allowed to keep pigeons

By Hayden Moore

GONE are the days when a flight of racing pigeons can be seen zipping around the local estates before returning home to their loft out a neighbour’s back garden – or at least in Council owned properties that is.

At the recent monthly meeting of South Dublin County Council, they reaffirmed that racing pigeons were not permitted to be kept by any of their tenants in Council rented properties.

Pigeon Loft

In a question submitted by Cllr Sarah Holland, she asked the Chief Executive to report on a previous motion from September 2017 asking what the policy was on keeping racing pigeons.

In the Councils response, they stated that “the tenant shall not keep any horses, poultry, pigs, birds or other animals on the premises or in the vicinity thereof”.

“The Tenant shall during his tenancy, keep the premises and every part thereof in a clean, proper and sanitary state and shall not allow any refuse, nuisance or offensive matter to accumulate on any portion thereof,” they continued.

“[Tenants] shall keep the plot free from weeds and otherwise properly maintain and keep the gardens in a clean and tidy condition.

 “[Tenants] shall not plant any trees or shrubs which shall be or become injurious to the premises or to any adjacent property or allotment, or cut down any trees without the permission of the Council.

“[Tenants] shall keep every hedge forming part of the plot properly cut and trimmed.”

Although they did mention that domesticated animals are allowed and if they are kept by the tenant that they “shall be kept under control, confined or tied”.

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