Council social housing rent roll €2.5m a month
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Council social housing rent roll €2.5m a month

SOUTH Dublin County Council allocated and commenced tenancies for 46 properties in June 2022 and carried out 194 inspections on PRTB rented dwellings.

During the month of June, the value of the council’s social housing rent collection reached €2,449,166, while the value of creditor payments totalled €18,994,045.

In terms of housing provision over June, the council carried out 7,593 housing needs assessments, had 318 social and affordable homes under construction, while there were 36 homeless exits/preventions.

Repair works were carried out in the same time period, including 99 traffic lights being repaired and 787 public lights being repaired.

A total of 5,435 m2 of footpaths were upgraded, while 375 linear metres of new and upgraded cycle lanes were developed.

It was also a busy month in the council’s planning department, as 32 planning enforcement cases were closed, seven pre-planning meetings were held, 26 private homes were approved and 100 planning applications were received.

Climate action initiatives were also adhered to, in the form of the maintenance of 151 biodiverse meadowlands, and eight climate and environmental public awareness sessions.

A total of 883 hectares of grass was cut, 592 trees were pruned – however, no new trees were planted in June.

Tourism in the county during the month of June was also tracked, finding that 11,079 people visited the Round Tower Visitor Centre in Clondalkin, while there were 18,213 visitors in local arts centres.

These monthly statistics were released at a meeting of South Dublin County Council last month.

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