Drimnagh residents object to office-to-gym plans because of increased traffic

Drimnagh residents object to office-to-gym plans because of increased traffic

By Maurice Garvey

A LARGE number of objections have been lodged by residents over proposals for mixed use development in Drimnagh.

Cosgrave Developments are seeking permission to change the use of the first-floor accommodation at Lansdowne Valley, from a vacant office unit to a gym facility.

landsdown valley 1 29 September 2016

The developers received planning permission in 2005 to build 241 apartments at the site.

Residents’ groups and local politicians have submitted their objections to the proposal, citing traffic as a major problem in the residential cul de sac.

A submission by Slievbloom Park/Lansdowne Valley Residents Association says the residential area cannot deal with the current volume of traffic already created in the area, and from the large numbers attending Drimnagh Boys primary and secondary schools.

They cite seven existing gyms already operating in the Dublin 12 area and fear the proposal will “impact the neighbourhood with the addition of cars with no access to parking facilities.”

Residents’ concerns have been supported with objections also lodged by Minister of State Catherine Byrne, and Councillors Paul Hand and Tina McVeigh.

A submission by Cocoon crèche, which is located beside the subject site, states they would welcome a gym, but state that “the present parking facilities are inadequate for our business to operate smoothly.”

A Lansdowne Valley resident said the parking issues has been so bad at times that gardaí were called at one stage to defuse tensions which had flared up.

He said the road narrows further in, and visitors often park along the road, blocking driveways and access for short periods of time.

Dublin City Council have sought additional information from developers, including an impact assessment on the surrounding road network.

The applicant is advised to contact the Department of Environment prior to commencing the survey, which shall be carried out over the proposed hours of operation and include the length of stay of vehicles.

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