Dumped caravan set on fire at scenic location
Dublin Fire Brigade putting out the dumped caravan along the roadside in the Dublin Mountains on Tuesday

Dumped caravan set on fire at scenic location

AS WORK was underway in the Tallaght hills this week to help manage and sustain the uplands for the benefit of all, Dublin Fire Brigade were putting out a caravan that was set on fire.

The area between Cunard and the Heather Beds is the focus of a Wicklow Uplands Council pilot project called SUAS, which aims to support sheep farmers back onto the hills.

However, as the sustainable work took place on Tuesday a dumped caravan sat in the scenic and environmentally significant location in ashes.

Illegal dumping remains a problem in the uplands, as waste is illegally dumped and frequently burnt in the area.

Members of the local community, volunteer members of environmental groups and visitors to the uplands can report illegal dumping to the Pure Project at 1850 365 121 or South Dublin County Council on 01 4149000.

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