Electric car clamped at charging point is no surprise

Electric car clamped at charging point is no surprise

With more and more electric cars on the roads, and with lots more expected in the coming years, charging points on our streets will become more common.

With that in mind, the last thing a driver of an electric car would expect is to get clamped while it is charging, right?

Pic via @mannionman

Yesterday a picture of an electric car that had been clamped in Dublin went viral online, but it seems the electric vehicle parking bays are just the same as all the rest – they have to be paid for.

At €2.90 per hour, and with the standard charge time running at eight hours, that’s more than €23 to fully charge the vehicle.

However, Dublin City Council said the vehicle had been parked there for more than three hours, which is the maximum time allowed.

It seems Dublin City Council’s policy is not in line with many other councils around the country, while the likes of Irish Rail have established free charging points and parking bays in some of their car parks.

In a previous statement from DCC, they said the requirement to pay for the electric parking bays was to ensure a high turnover in usage, otherwise an electric car owner could park in the bay for as long as they like.