Resident resorts to boarding up window after intruder broke in
Marie Moyles boards up her windows and inset the broken window latches in need of repair.

Resident resorts to boarding up window after intruder broke in

A TALLAGHT resident who has had to resort to boarding up her kitchen window after an intruder gained access to her house is calling on South Dublin County Council to carry out repair works or to replace the windows.

Marie Moyles, who has lived in her council house in Brookview for over 34 years, said she now struggles to sleep as she feels unsafe in her home because her windows won’t close properly.

Several of the closing and opening mechanisms in her windows aren’t working, according to Ms Moyles, and are leaving her vulnerable to being burgled.

Ms Moyles said an intruder gained access to her house through a broken window in her kitchen last spring, and she has since placed a tile across it to act as a barrier.

“The windows have to be forced open, but when you do that, they won’t close,” Ms Moyles told The Echo.

“Someone broke in through the window in the kitchen two or three months ago, they just opened the window and came in.

“I know someone was in there because I had left 20 smokes on the table and the next morning they were gone, so I boarded up the window with a tile so they can’t open the window again.

“To know that somebody was in the house . . . when I do sleep now I’m waking up every now and again, I find it very hard to sleep.”

Ms Moyles said she had previously been in arrears, which she paid off to the council last March and hoped work would be carried out to fix her windows.

“I handed over the money for my arrears and I thought they’d fix my windows, but I’ve heard nothing,” she said. “I’m getting nowhere with them.”

The Echo contacted South Dublin County Council on Monday, asking them whether they planned to repair the windows in Ms Moyle’s house, but the council said it cannot comment on individual cases.

Ms Moyles later contacted The Echo and said the council had carried out work to repair her windows on Tuesday morning.