Sighting of wandering bull in estate gives rise for concerns

Sighting of wandering bull in estate gives rise for concerns

By Mary Dennehy

JOBSTOWN had an unexpected visitor on Wednesday, when a large bull went for a wander through the estate.

Multiple sightings of a bull strolling through the estate in the afternoon sunshine were reported, with videos posted online showing a large farm animal meandering through the area’s green spaces.

bulltallaght2 1

The bull wandering around the estate

When contacted by The Echo, a spokesperson for South Dublin County Council said that it was aware of sightings of a bull in Jobstown on Wednesday, and that the DSPCA had been in communication with a local farmer.

Gillian Bird, communications officer with the DSPCA, said that bulls are usually quite solitary animals.

“When our inspector got there, the farmer was already there and the bull was on its way home,” Ms Bird said.

“The farmer removed the animal very quickly.”

On Wednesday, many people who took to social media, questioned who should be contacted to report the presence of a stray farm animal.

Ms Bird stressed that if a farm animal is spotted wandering in estates to always call the local Garda station in the first instance, especially if the animal is on the road or causing a traffic hazard.

“Best bet is to always contact the gardai – they will have the contact details for the correct people to call”, Ms Bird said.

“If a farm animal is spotted in the Tallaght or Rathfarnham area you can also contact the DSPCA, as we are in contact with a lot of the farming community in the area.

“These animals are a farmer’s livelihood and they want to get them back as soon as possible, uninjured.

“We encourage people to always stay well away from all farm animals, especially if you come across them in an environment that they are not familiar with.”

Ms Bird stressed that once again this incident highlights the importance of tagging.

“Farm animals are tagged so owners are easy enough to find,” Ms Bird said.

“This once again brings up the wonderful issue of being able to identify the owner of an animal.

“Please make sure your pet is microchipped.”

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