Social Enterprise Thriftify officially launches new app for charity shops
Rónán ó Dálaigh

Social Enterprise Thriftify officially launches new app for charity shops

BALLYFERMOT social enterprise Thriftify has officially launched their new app enabling charity shops to upload their items with ease and speed.

Charities can now sell their goods online via the B2B app by simply taking a photo of the item, scanning the barcode where available and uploading it for thousands of consumers to see and buy.

Items without barcodes, including most fashion items, are priced using a custom algorithm that Thriftify has created based on the millions of items it has valued to date.

Thriftify was founded in 2018 by sustainability advocate Rónán Ó Dálaigh. Their platform makes it easy for charities to showcase and monetise individual items online.

They now have 98 per cent of Ireland’s charity retailers present on the site with many UK charities signing up every day.

Thriftify CEO Rónán Ó’Dálaigh has spent the past four years working on developing the app which uses smart tech to do the pricing and selling.

The various lockdowns helped boost the growth of, as bricks and mortar shops were closed so selling online was the only option for charities.

CEO Rónán Ó’Dálaigh said: “Ethical shopping has never been more important and we hope the new B2B Thriftify app will enable charities to sell their goods to conscious consumers with ease and speed. Simply download it as a mobile app and get uploading the items you want to sell. The tech does the rest.

“Our ambition with this new app is to enable charity shops to be the leaders of the sustainable fashion revolution. To achieve what they need to be able to easily upload their donations for sale online. If we can achieve that vision it means a sustainable transformation of the fashion industry, and a huge boost in funding for good causes.”

Currently Irish charity shops receive an estimated 250 million donations every year so they are a great source of sustainable goods and an integral part of the circular economy.

There are currently tens of thousands in sales per month being generated by Thriftify for their registered charity partners.

Sales are growing on average 30 per cent month on month. Up to 85 per cent of revenue is being generated on with the rest coming from Amazon & eBay.