Sod turned on new €20m bus interchange facility
Brian Moran, Senior Managing Director with Hines in Ireland, Mayor Peter Kavanagh and CEO of the National Transport Authority Anne Graham pictured at the sod turning of the €20m New BusConnects Interchange at Liffey Valley Shopping Centre Photo by Marc O’Sullivan

Sod turned on new €20m bus interchange facility

THE sod was turned on a new €20 million bus interchange facility for Liffey Valley Shopping Centre as part of the Bus Connects strategy being rolled out by National Transport Authority (NTA) which is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

Liffey Valley Shopping Centre has been earmarked by the NTA as a key strategic site for the location of the new interchange as part of BusConnects, with the new initiative expected to increase public transport connectivity to the Centre by 50%.

The new facility will create a new hub for bus services connecting south and west Dublin, north Kildare and the city centre and will be located in the Liffey Valley car park just yards from the main entrance to the Centre.

The new interchange will include a feature canopy with six bus bays along with a fully accessible set down area, street furniture, passenger waiting areas, real-time passenger journey signage and new public lighting.

Buses will use the interchange for set down and pick up, with park-up facilities located to the rear of the Centre.

The CEO of the National Transport Authority Anne Graham welcomed today’s news: “BusConnects will be a game-changer for public transport across the city and here in west Dublin. By investing in new services and infrastructure, we can encourage as many people as possible within the Greater Dublin area to use sustainable transport modes.

“Today is an important milestone in making BusConnects a reality for communities here in west Dublin and beyond. Located at the very heart of Liffey Valley, this bus interchange will raise the profile of the bus as the transport-of-choice for those travelling to the Centre. But this vital piece of infrastructure is also much more than that. It is about creating a hub that increases connectivity between suburbs and town centres, without having to travel into the city centre. In doing so, we are ensuring that we deliver a high quality and equitable bus system for all our communities into the future.

“I look forward to returning next year to see the new hub being unveiled.”