Jordan’s SuperValu Fortunestown introduces new whatsapp/text delivery service

Jordan’s SuperValu Fortunestown introduces new whatsapp/text delivery service

Jordan's SuperValu Fortunestown has introduced a new whatsapp/text delivery service to make shopping easier for members of its local community.

Owner Alan Jordan told The Echo how customers can simply whatsapp or text their shopping list to the local SuperValu store before 5pm and it will be delivered the next day. 


Staff member Sandra getting shopping orders ready

Alan and his team within the Fortunestown store pick the shopping each morning before it’s packed into a delivery van, and brought to a customer’s door. 

“We introduced it as we wanted to be able to serve our local community and anybody staying safe and staying home”, Alan said.

The whatsapp delivery service was introduced to support anyone in the community who is vulnerable or elderly.

However, Alan encouraged anybody who is staying home to get in touch.

Alan also said that some people living in the local community are unable to access online shopping platforms, so he hopes that the introduction of a whatsapp/text delivery service will support these residents. 


Delivery driver Noelie 

Alan told The Echo that since the whatsapp/text delivery service was introduced two weeks ago, there has been a good response from the community.

Jordan’s SuperValu Fortunestown is deliverying to its local community, with all size shopping lists accepted.

Delivery is free and payment is over the phone. 

Send your shopping list along with your address to 085 8724031 before 5pm each day. 

For further details call the store on 4045176 or follow SuperValu Fortunestown Facebook page