Theresa was a good hearted person loved by the community
Theresa McDonough who sadly passed away

Theresa was a good hearted person loved by the community

THERESA McDonough, who worked in the local shops in Kingswood for over two decades, is being remembered as an unwaveringly kind and compassionate woman who loved her community, after she passed away last month aged 59.

Ms McDonough was a familiar face to many in Kingswood through her work in the local shop, both when it was called No7 newsagents and, later on, when it became a Centra.

She delighted in spending time with her family and being a key part of the Kingswood community, and extended kindness to everyone she met.

Ms McDonough’s son, Damien, told The Echo: “My mother was a Christian, who believed in never judging others and treating everyone with the respect and dignity that you would wish to be treated.

“This was irrelevant of who they were or what they were supposedly accused of. My mother treated everyone the same and always saw the absolute best in people.

“Even when the shop in Kingswood was held up at gunpoint, my mother never felt any ill will towards the person.

“She just said, ‘We don’t know what is going on in people’s lives and they obviously thought that this was a solution to their problem’.”

Born into a family of ten, the youngest of five boys and five girls, Ms McDonough was raised in Riverside Cottages in Templeogue.

“It was here where my mother learned about the value of family and community, and it is still a very close community,” said Damien.

“My mother was still friends with those families she grew up with, the Egans and her lifelong friend Bridget, who was her neighbor from birth.”

On later moving to Kingswood to raise her family, Ms McDonough quickly became a part of the community and took great enjoyment from working in the local shop and getting to know the locals.

“My mother loved the community of Kingswood, and especially loved working in the local shops, as this allowed her to stay connected with all the local news and see how people were doing,” explained Damien.

“She enjoyed all the children entering the shop and would always remember their names and would always say hello and make them feel important.”

However, family was of the utmost importance to Ms McDonough and she always cherished spending time with her children Damien, Eoin and Orlaith, her partner Philip Guthrie, and her grandchildren.

“With regards to her own grandchildren, Sophie, Beth, Alan, Ethan, Talia, and Bláithnaid…well, these were her world and no matter what was going on she was always there for them,” said Damien.

“Which, as a young parent, it was such a great relief to have that guarantee of Nanny always being available to mind them or take them places.

“This was what my mother lived for, her grandchildren. She was their confidant. They could tell her absolutely anything and know that nothing would be judged and that, if she could fix it, she would – only with their approval.”

Ms McDonough passed away on January 21 after contracting Covid-19. Her funeral was held in St Pius’ X Church in Templeogue on January 25, followed by cremation at Newlands Cross Crematorium.

“There are so many stories of how my mother helped other people outside of the family, and did it unknown to all of us,” said Damien.

“She was a genuine, good-hearted person that would give you her last cent if she felt that you needed it more than her.

“All of our family and friends would contact her if they were having any sort of life difficulties. She would be there to lend an ear or even help if that is what was required. We are all deeply saddened by my mother’s passing.”

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