A Feast For The Eyes: Mill lane, Palmerstown, captured in new calender
Palmerstown photographer Una O’Connor

A Feast For The Eyes: Mill lane, Palmerstown, captured in new calender

The idyllic environs of Mill Lane in Palmerstown have been captured in a new calendar created by a local natural light photographer, who described the area as ‘a feast for the eyes’.

Palmerstown native Úna O’Connor, who is a past pupil of Pobailscoil Iosolde, has fond memories of many childhood adventures around Mill Lane. As an adult, she has a renewed appreciation for the area.

During the first lockdown last year, Úna began regularly photographing the area and used those photos to create her first calendar for 2021.

Now she’s releasing her 2022 calendar, featuring an arresting collection of images taken in Mill Lane at various times and seasons, showing the vibrancy of the area.

You started photographing Mill Lane on a consistent basis last year at the start of the pandemic. What was the first lockdown like for you?

Lockdown was such a vastly different experience for everyone.

I know I am lucky to live within walking distance of such a beautiful place, this meant I was never bored or isolated.

Between spending my free time taking photos, and the rest of the time working from home and caring for my mother, I kept very busy.

What is it about Mill Lane in particular that you find so inspiring?

Mill Lane is the original ‘Liffey Valley’ and has so much to offer.

The River Liffey runs through it. There is a beautiful Victorian iron bridge spanning it.

Horses roam free in the fields, which are overlooked by a dense wood where the Farmleigh clocktower is nestled. It has a fairytale quality to it.

There is an ancient churchyard, a derelict mill building and quaint cottages. It is a feast for the eyes.

You released your first Mill Lane calendar last year, which was dedicated to your late father, Hugh O’Connor. Why did you decide to dedicate it to him?

My dad was a passionate local historian. Both of my parents also grew up in Mill Lane and instilled a sense of pride in our surroundings.

They, along with many others, fought to save the valley when it was threatened with destruction over the years.

I know he would be immensely proud of me continuing to promote the beauty of the area.

A copy of Una’s calendar

How did you feel when you first saw your photos in calendar format last year?

Really thrilled! The decision to bring out a calendar was very last minute, and it was exciting to see it come to fruition.

I didn’t have much expectation of selling many, but then RTÉ News did a feature on it in mid-November of last year and suddenly a lot of people wanted a copy. I was so grateful for the support.

Your photos capture the many different facets of Mill Lane across the seasons, including striking photos of horses in the area. Is it difficult to capture those photos of the horses in such arresting poses?

I have always loved horses, so I am not afraid to get up close and personal with them.

However, I am careful as they are big animals, and they each have very different personalities. Some are more than happy to have me close, while others not so much!

What can people expect from the 2022 Mill Lane calendar?

The 2022 Mill Lane calendar is a collection of seasonal images.

I hope they evoke the magical side of the area, as I strive to capture morning mists and warm sunsets. I used feedback I received to make improvements to the layout of the 2022 calendar and I really feel it’s higher quality as a result.

Where can people purchase the calendar, and where can they go to find out more about your work as a photographer?

You can purchase the calendar via my website www.uoconnor.com and I will post it out to you.

Alternatively, you can send me a message on my Facebook page, Una O’Connor Photography, or on Instagram, @miss0una.

I am very active on there and you can find new images posted regularly.

The 2022 Mill Lane calendar is available for €15, and multi-buy options are available on Úna’s website.

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