Acupuncturist compares healing to fitness workout

Acupuncturist compares healing to fitness workout

THE full benefits of acupuncture treatment are not something those us of living in today’s ‘instant society’ can expect to achieve through a single session.

Helen Smith, a licenced acupuncturist and owner of Knocklyon clinic Tree Tops Acupuncture, likens the healing process to that of a fitness workout.

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“It is like a work-out at the gym, you have to go to six to 10 sessions to feel the benefits,” said Helen, who is celebrating Treetop clinic’s two-year anniversary.

Helen says perseverance is key for clients undergoing acupuncture treatments.

However, one area where she does promise instant results is “a good night’s sleep after the first session” and successful treatment of migraines.

“Stress and anxiety are common complaints from clients, not being able to sleep is another,” said Helen.

“Acupuncture can be used for any medical problem. Naturally if I have a heart problem, I’m going to call an ambulance, but nine times out of 10 when I am sick, I use acupuncture, because I believe in it.”

Originally from a financial background, Helen suffered a busted disc in her back, and had to go for an operation.

“I was in pain for 18 months, but acupuncture worked. I still have to watch my back, I can’t go running, and I treat myself through acupuncture every now and again.”

Helen spent five weeks working in the National Hospital of Traditional Medicine in Vietnam.

“In Vietnam, their medicine is acupuncture, from the children’s ward to the stroke ward, where I worked. One young man we worked with fell and broke his neck, but was up and walking again after his treatment.”

Although the treatment is thousands of years old, it is only in recent times that acupuncture has become more popular in Ireland.

Helen continued: “The perception has been to funnel acupuncture into the area of giving up smoking or bad backs, but it can be used for any medical condition.

“I love working on migraines because it’s six sessions and very successful. When I worked in the Rutland rehabilitation centre in Knocklyon for six months, I saw a lot of patients with migraines. The causes vary but can be very debilitating.

“I’ve treated hormone balance for menopause, allergies, shingles. I noticed this year I’m getting a lot of referrals and repeat business.”

Generally, a first session will see Helen work with a client to identify imbalances in a one-and-a-half-hour session, followed by separate 20- to 40-minute sessions.

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