All hospital beds replaced to enhance patients comfort
New beds arriving in TUH; Cathy Doyle CNM 2 Crampton Ward, Helen Strapp, ANP Tissue Viability, James Gargan, Commercial Director Beechfield Healthcare Ltd, Áine Lynch, Director of Nursing & Integrated Care, Stuart O Connor, Contracts & Procurement Manager and Patricia Morrison Directorate Perioperative Nurse Manager

All hospital beds replaced to enhance patients comfort

ALL 450 beds in Tallaght University Hospital are being replaced through a hospital-led initiative that provides patients and staff with the control to enhance mobility and comfort, reports Mary Dennehy.

The first batch of electronic beds arrived in the hospital last week, with each bed having a high specification hybrid mattress and control buttons that position beds for individual patient needs.

According to a Tallaght University Hospital (TUH) spokesperson, patients on the Crampton Ward, where the first beds arrived, were delighted to be able to position their own bed.

“Patients have more independence by having access to control buttons so they can change their position, enhancing their mobility and comfort,” the hospital said.

“The new beds have a high specification mattress resulting in improved patient comfort and reducing pressure which will help with the prevention of pressure ulcers.

“These are hybrid mattresses so if pressure relief needs to be upgraded a small pump can be added which saves the patient having to be moved off one mattress onto another.”

The initiative came about following a comprehensive review of the beds and mattresses in TUH and the needs of its patients.

According to TUH, it is important for patients to be in the correct type of bed, on the right mattress and comfortable.

A small working group reviewed different options and recommended going to market to review a Total Bed Management solution.

This process began in February 2018, and after much work a tender was issued and a new contract was last year awarded to one company, Beechfield Healthcare Ltd.

According to TUH, it is now the first hospital in the Republic of Ireland to adopt a Total Bed Management scheme, which sees one company managing the beds across the hospital.

“The appointment of one company means the hospital staff are no longer having to manage multiple contacts / suppliers and ensures that at all times patients are in the best type of bed,” TUH said.

“It will also reduce the time spent on ordering beds, reporting faults and there will no longer be the need to move a patient from one type of bed to another.”

TUH added: “Because every bed is the same it reduces the amount of training staff have to undertake on different bed types.

“One supplier provides all the bed needs for the patients to include dynamic mattresses and bariatric beds when required.

“There will also be a full-time maintenance and supplies manager onsite providing education to staff.

“[TUH] is the first public hospital in the Republic of Ireland to completely change their bed management to a Total Bed Management system.”

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