Almost time to close the Covid-19 Time Capsule
Liz Kennedy, Chair of Tallaght Community Council receives the box of memories from Dillan Coomber, Square Centre Management

Almost time to close the Covid-19 Time Capsule

The community-led Tallaght Community Council (TCC) project to gather art, merchandise, letters and momentos from the pandemic that capture our shared experience of Covid-19 is drawing to a close.

This is a unique opportunity to be part of Tallaght history and to help tell the story to Tallaght in 2080 of what living through a global pandemic was like.

TCC have been pleased with the response to date and urge anyone else who wishes to be part of history to make sure and contact them and submit your item before March 24.

The items reflect resilient community efforts to adapt and support each other during Covid-19. Some of the items submitted are also very touching and personal, masscards of family members who passed away during Covid-19.

In challenging times art is often a way to help process and capture the emotions of the situation.

So it is very pleasing that The Civic have contributed some items for the capsule as have TUH Arts Programme.

The Civic’s submission contains a poignant desk calendar from 2020, which shows March 20, the last day the theatre changed their daily calendar that year, as the country was asked to “Stay at Home” to help fight the spread of Covid-19 across our country.

Sandra from The Civic hands over the desk calendar to Gerry Stockil (TCC), showing the last day the Theatre changed their calendar in 2020

Like most in the country, the staff in The Civic had to close the theatre and work from home. The Civic pivoted quickly to respond to the serious impacts the Covid-19 restrictions had on the arts.

They raisied €58k for the arts, they went digital with performances to help keep the flow of cultural events alive and eventually moved to outdoor events for families.

“We are delighted to be part of this community project run by Tallaght Community Council to capture how The Civic experienced, adapted and endured a global pandemic. It is important to help inform future generations of our experience through this unique time in Tallaght,” said Niamh Honer, Marketing, Engagement & Audience Development Manager in The Civic.

The Square also bore the weight of restrictions during the pandemic. Jack Martin and his team in The Square worked hard to make sure the community had safe access to essential services and complied with the restrictions during the pandemic.

Their submission for the capsule includes merchandise on their community support  campaigns they ran to help those in hospital and nursing homes, and produced and distributed care packs for them as they couldn’t have visitors during the restrictions.

They also celebrated their milestone 30th birthday during the pandemic, their celebrations took on a different format – online videos and awards instead of a large in person event.

These too are captured in the time capsule.

Contact TCC on to register your interest today.

All submissions must be in by March 24, 2022.

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