Ballyfermot residents angry at lack of parking spaces and possible future accidents

Ballyfermot residents angry at lack of parking spaces and possible future accidents

By Maurice Garvey

CHALLENGES facing pedestrians and motorists at Claddagh Green shops and at the pedestrian lights near the Gala building, are in a state of “unparallelled chaos”, according to one local councilor.

Residents have expressed their anger with the lack of car-parking space available at Claddagh Green shops, and feel the pedestrian crossing near the Gala is an “accident waiting to happen.”

Claddagh Court complex 1 

The pedestrian crossing is located beside a bus stop and a road – with two lanes inbound towards the city centre.

Motorists’ ability to see the traffic light on approach to the crossing is impaired, as drivers cannot be sure if the bus has stopped, or if it is picking up passengers.

Residents have asked for the crossing to be moved, citing fatal pedestrian accidents which have occurred at the crossing.

Dublin City Council have met with engineers to evaluate plans, which could see the crossing relocated.
Independent councillor Vincent Jackson says the problems at the crossing and at Claddagh Green, has led to “unparalleled chaos” and multiple fender benders and “tips.”

Cllr Jackson said: “A lot of traders park their cars there all day. In Claddagh, there are about seven or eight cars sitting in spots all day long. Customers have little opportunity. Maybe there is an option of introducing pay parking, but there is always objections to these things.”

Residents have asked for open space in Claddagh Green to be utilised for parking, but the council say this area is conserved in the county development plan and can’t be used for parking.

Businesses at Grange Cross near the Gala, have in the past, expressed their dismay at the lack of parking enforcement outside their units – citing a negative effect on passing trade and “arrogant parking.”

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