‘Big Man’: Fynch and Local Boy team up

‘Big Man’: Fynch and Local Boy team up

By Nicoline Viola Hoeg

On the track ‘Big Man’ Drimnagh rapper Fynch teams up with fellow Burner Records founder Local Boy for the first time.

‘Big Man’, produced by Danish artist Mikkel Boelt, contains a dreaming and soft instrumental with lyrics about the dangers of toxic masculinity.

LIFE 1 by Dylan Cannyghin 1

FYNCH and Local Boy


Behind the artist name Fynch we find Sean Meehan who says that toxic masculinity as a theme has been on his mind a lot. 

“I’ve dealt a lot with vulnerability in my previous works, and this was another aspect of that. I've always been fascinated by how a patriarchal society can be so detrimental to men at large, by instilling beliefs that being 'strong' and not showcasing emotions is somehow admirable.

I think if you’ve grown up in working class Dublin, you’re bound to see those themes of latent masculinity personified in people.”

On the single, Fynch remarked that the track is “an exploration of traits he’s seen in himself and in others around him”.

 “Those characteristics aren’t easy to shake off. Whether it’s conscious or not, there’s still that ‘be a man’ inference when it comes to men showing vulnerability.

The chorus, beautifully sung by Local Boy, is a reminder that you don’t have to act in that manner forever – you can change.

You just need to be honest with yourself, certainly I know myself that I haven’t rid myself of the worst aspects of ‘manliness’.

I’m a work in progress, my end goal is to just be a better person.”

The teamwork between the two artists has been great, but the process has been affected by Covid-19 and they have had to record the song separately and in their own homes.

Covid has also affected Fynch as he has not been able to play any shows during lock down.

But Fynch and Local Boy are set to play Ireland Music Week on October 6 to October 9 and hope that the socially distanced crowd will enjoy the new track regardless of regulations.

“Usually, I’d love to see people have a groove to some serious issues, but with the new regulations, that can’t happen. Hopefully I can tell they’re digging it from their tables!”

‘Big Man’ is the first single FYNCH will release from an upcoming project.

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