Bins ‘act as a focal point’

Bins ‘act as a focal point’

By Brendan Grehan

SOUTH Dublin County Council are to carry out a review of the bins in Griffeen Park in Lucan, reports Brendan Grehan.

This follows a motion tabled by Councillor Ruth Nolan at last week’s Lucan Area Committee meeting of SDCC.

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Cllr Nolan proposed “that this Committee agrees to put more bins in the Griffeen Park for dog dirt.”

The council replied that they have to date limited the installation of bins in parks which do not have a continuous staff presence.

The council stated that in some instances bins can tend to act as a focal point for gatherings and “in these circumstances, the bins are often subjected to persistent vandalism which results in the removal of the bin”.

The council added that the bins currently in Griffeen Valley Park are for litter and dog waste and they will carry out a review of the number and location of bins with a view to increasing the provision where it is found that there is a lack of facilities.

The council added: “Any new installation will be monitored closely and it will be retained subject to it not being vandalised or used for the disposal of domestic waste.”

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