Bluebell Community Council launch People’s Food Bank

Bluebell Community Council launch People’s Food Bank

By Maurice Garvey

THIS week saw the launch of the People’s Food Bank by the Bluebell Community Council in Park West..

Dublin City Councillor Daithí Doolan (SF), a member of the Bluebell Community Council, said: “This is a truly genuine community based response to food poverty. During the recent Covid lockdown the Bluebell Community Council delivered food to vulnerable and elderly residents.

Bluebell food bank liz 1

Cllr Daithi Dolan, Aengus O Snodaigh and Tommy Coombes, manager of Bluebell Community Development Project


This has now become an essential part of our work. 

“Today marks a significant development of this service. The food bank is real partnership in action. It involves community groups and agencies working together to meet the challenge of poverty head on.


Bluebell did not wait for others to give a hand out. It worked with others to provide this essential service.”

The People’s Food Bank is now operating on Lavery Avenue in Park West.

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