Cheeverstown walk for Ukraine
Ann, Noelle, Jess, Claire, Jen, Debbie, Kathleen, Mandy, Brenda, Kara and Austin at the Papal Cross for the start of the walk

Cheeverstown walk for Ukraine

A LOCAL group for people with intellectual disabilities raised over €1,800 for people in Ukraine after holding a sponsored walk in the Phoenix Park last week.

Last Tuesday, March 8, the ten members of the Tallaght Village-based Arch Club, which is run by Cheeverstown House, set off on a 2.5k walk in the park.

The idea for the sponsored walk came about after the service users expressed their dismay at the situation in Ukraine with Arch Club staff member Noelle Claffey.

Ms Claffey told The Echo: “The idea for the walk came about after we witnessed what was happening in Ukraine on the news.

“We were chatting about it as a group and were horrified by what was happening. We decided we wanted to do something.”

The group decided on holding a walk, as it was an activity that all of the service users could take part in, and they used sponsorship cards to collect donations from friends and family.

The Tallaght Arch Club collected a total of €1,860 as a result of their walk, with the money going to Inclusion Europe as it supports people in Ukraine who have intellectual disabilities.

“We were very shocked that that amount was raised,” said Ms Claffey. “I think it shows you how upset everyone is about the disaster in Ukraine.

“Everyone was very proud [of raising that amount], and it was important for the service users to play their part.”

The Tallaght Arch Club supports service users with intellectual disabilities and complex needs. They provide activities, such as exercise, library visits, drama classes, filmmaking and gardening, tailored to individual service users’ interests.

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