Christmas Food with JP passion – Heavenly crunchy roast potatoes

Christmas Food with JP passion – Heavenly crunchy roast potatoes

By John Paul Kennedy

If you have ever wondered how people get roast potatoes that are crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, you can stop wondering right now. Here is my never fail recipe for heavenly crunchy roast potatoes.

John Paul Kennedy is a self-taught cook and an avid fan of collecting cookery books with a passion for good old fashioned home cooking. his passion for proper family cooking stems from his TWO Grandmothers who were both excellent cooks, one of whom was a trained chef! JP is also a Christmas fanatic so he has pulled together a selection of some of his family’s favourite Christmas recipes, to share with you in the lead up to Christmas.

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1kg Rooster potatoes

Fresh Thyme

1lb Kerry Gold Butter

2 Tablespoons of flour or semolina

Sea Salt & Cracked black pepper


 1. Place the butter in your roasting tray and melt and preheat in the oven at 200 degrees. It’s important that the fat or oil that you cook your roast potatoes in is ferociously hot!

2. Wash peel and chop your potatoes into decent mouth size individual roast potato portions

 3. Steam for approx. 10 minutes

 4. With the lid on your pot give the potatoes a good shake. This roughs them up and will give you super crunchy edges when roasting your potatoes

 5. Place into the hot fat (butter), sprinkle with fresh thyme salt and pepper and roast for approx.45 -55 minutes.

 6. The roast potatoes will be beautifully golden with a super crunchy exterior but soft and fluffy on the inside – Delicious!


Liz Kennedy, Echo production manager sampling a previous recipe – Mini Sausage Rolls with JP Kennedy.

This is how I prepare and cook my Christmas Turkey and Ham with Roast potatoes every year without fail. Smearing your turkey with plenty of butter and basting regularly will ensure you won’t have a dry bird on Christmas Day. The brown sugar and maple syrup glaze for the heritage cured ham gives a lovely sweetness to the meat that I’m sure your family will enjoy as much as mine do every Christmas. I really hope you give these recipes a try and a very happy Christmas to you all.

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