Council yet to make decision on go-ahead for ‘Nest’ plans

Council yet to make decision on go-ahead for ‘Nest’ plans

By Brendan Grehan

THE CHANCES of enjoying a Christmas drink in the Cuckoo’s Nest now seems unlikely given that South Dublin Council has just received additional information in relation to a planning application to develop land to the rear of the pub.

The council was due to make its decision on the development of a 45-unit residential estate on land to the back of the landmark pub by July 7 last, but they sought additional information on the planning application which has now been submitted.

CUCKOOS NEST September 2016

In May 2015, the Lynch family was forced to close the doors to the Nest due to spiralling debts reported to be in the region of €3 million.

However last May, Phyllis Lynch submitted a substantial planning application for a 45-house/apartment estate – with the sale of homes being used to pay back the banks, facilitating the re-opening of the Cuckoo’s Nest.

The planning application also provides for refurbishment works to the pub itself and the demolition of the Tallaght Theatre, which will be reconstructed in the north-west corner of the site.

According to the council’s report, they sought additional information over the positioning of the apartment block in relation to the outdoor area of the pub –which could cause potential noise and other nuisances for those living in the block.

The council has also flagged possible issues around how the proposed estate is integrated with Tymon Park. The council also sought additional information in relation to proposed parking, footpath network and pedestrian works, details on the proposed future Greenhills Road layout and any required alterations, construction and demolition waste, drainage and geological protection.

Noting that they have received the additional information, the council have not yet given a date for their decision.

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