Dean is making his mark with Clondalkin tattoo studio

Dean is making his mark with Clondalkin tattoo studio

By Maurice Garvey

AS A first-time business owner, Dean Fitzgerald sought the perfect space to open his first tattoo studio, Vintage Colour Tattoo.

Earlier this year, he became one of the many small-to-medium business owners that call ACE Enterprise Park home.

Vintage Colour Tattoo 1

Originally from inner city Dublin, Dean has been based in Clondalkin for the past decade and has been a working tattoo artist for over six years.

Dean told The Echo: “I’ve been in the ACE Enterprise Park since April, and it’s my first time running my own business. I’m the first person in my family to take on such a venture.

“I’ve been tattooing for six years. It’s something that I really worked on myself and trained myself in. It’s so hard to get apprenticeships in this industry.

“Right now, it’s just myself that runs the shop. I have guest artists come in and out. I’m from the Clondalkin area myself and all the clients that we would have are local also.

Vintage Colour Tattoo 2

As a first-time business owner, Dean found that the staff in ACE Enterprise Park were extremely helpful in setting up the business.

He said: “They’re great in ACE. When I first started, I didn’t have a clue how to go about setting up my own business or how to go about starting it.

“It’s the perfect location for a start-up business, and they were very helpful. They even had a checklist of the things I should do while I was setting up.”

With Vintage Colour Tattoo studio now established, Dean hopes to grow the business in the near future and add to both his client and artist list.

He said: “It really has been going great. My family came up to see the shop and theywere all so proud. It’s fairly busy.

“There’s definitely room for expansion in the future. It’s a work in progress.”

Further information about Vintage Colour Tattoo Studio can be found on its Facebook page or by calling 4575977.

Established in 1995 in Bawnogue, the ACE Enterprise Park was established to enhance the capacity of local people to enter and remain in employment and offers 30,000 sq ft of high-quality business space and practical business training to small enterprises.

Dean Fitzgerald the resident artist and Gazz Whelan are happy to look after clients.

For more information visit, call 4579662 or email

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