eBeauty – At home hair removal products

eBeauty – At home hair removal products

IF YOU haven’t yet already, chances are you’re going to be exposing a bit more skin in the next few weeks whether it’s on that sunny holiday abroad or, fingers crossed, we might get that beautiful weather back again!

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Nair Nourish Japanese Cherry Blossom 7 in 1 Ultra Body Wax Strips €9.99, Nair Tough Hair Hair Removal Cream €5.66, Parissa Wax Strips Face & Bikini 16ct. €12.49

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Nad’s Natural Hair Removal Gel €14.99, Veet Hair Removal Cream Jasmine Fragrance €7.29

While it’s nice to be able to get a professional wax that is not always an option. Luckily for us ladies there are tons of at-home options out there.

From wax strips to hair removal creams. Below we have 5 of our favourite home hair removal products.


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