eBeauty: Perfect home pedicure

eBeauty: Perfect home pedicure

By Kaye Robinson Keeley

Kaye Robinson Keeley is A Yorkshire lass now happily married and living in Dublin. Having always had a passion for beauty and Art she enrolled in Barnsley college for 2 yrs to become a VTCT Nail Technician. she is now 16yrs a nail professional, with her own business here in Dublin for the last 7 yrs. she provides all aspects of Nail technology for her home Salon and corporate salon clients. kaye is completing her independent teaching diploma and will be able to certify and pass on her knowledge and her passion for all things beauty very soon!

We all forget about the amount we put our feet through on a daily basis so Home Pedicures should be a part of everyone’s home routines in between visits to the salon.

Salon pedicures can sometimes seem pricey but they are essential. Take good care of your feet, they take care of you!

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Step 1: Polish removal

Remove any old polish with a cotton pad soaked in polish remover. Place the soaked pad and leave for a few seconds, then in an upwards direction swipe the pad. This is more effective than rubbing vigorously. Old polish can be stubborn to remove so this method removes it with ease and prevents staining the skin, especially with darker colours.

Step 2: Foot File

Buff the feet with a sturdy foot file. Focus on the heels, balls of the feet and edges of the toes where hard skin forms. It is very important to perform this before the feet are immersed in water. Too much skin can be removed once wet which will cause the skin, especially on the heels, to split and become very painful once dry!

Step 3: Foot Soak.

Fill a foot spa or bowl with warm water and add a foot soak. Soak for around 5/10 mins.

If you don’t have a foot spa and are using a bowl pop some marbles into the bowl rolling your feet back and forth for a DIY foot massage.

Step 4: Exfoliation.

Using a good exfoliating foot scrub gently massage the scrub into your feet and ankles. This will remove any remaining dead skin then rinse off thoroughly.

Step 5: Cuticles.

Dry your feet, then using a cuticle pusher or wooden stick gently push back your cuticles. If you have excess cuticles nip them away very carefully with a cuticle nipper/scissors. Be careful not to cut live skin.

Step 6: Toe nails. 

Cut your toe nails preferably with toe nail clippers. Ensure to cut the toe nail straight across to avoid causing ingrowing toe nails. Using a nail file gently file the free edge of the nail in the same direction to smooth out any ridges.

Step 7: Condition.

Condition your feet with a nourishing cream/lotion. Massage this into your feet paying extra attention to the heels and balls of your feet.

For extra softness and the feeling of a spa pedicure, after massaging in the cream wrap your feet in cling film, pop on a pair of fluffy bed socks and wear for a couple of hours or sleep in them.

Ultimate treat for the feet!

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