eBeauty – Tanning Prep

eBeauty – Tanning Prep

Hey guys, welcome back to this week’s eBeauty Blog. The focus of this feature is all about tanning prep. Tan can be a tricky one in the summer months, especially with Ireland’s unreliable weather, we may only get limited days to show of a gorgeous glow or get caught out when the sun makes a surprise appearance. That is why skin prep and skincare is so important to make sure our tan is looking flawless rain or shine.


 Tan Eraser  

Tan erasers are relatively new to the tanning world, but my god I don’t know what I did without them!? They are so easy to use, apply the foam while you have a facemask on and relax for 10 mins before popping into the shower and say bye – bye to last Saturday night’s tan. The one thing I will say about tan erasers is that they don’t do any of the hard work, you will still have some stubborn patches on the elbows, knees and ankles.


Exfoliating is a given when it comes to tan prep. You should generally be exfoliating 2-3 times a week, but when it comes to tan removal and pre tan application, Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff will do the trick. It is a really grainy exfoliator and because it is made by Cocoa Brown, it is literally made for removing tan. Pair Tough Stuff with tan eraser and you will be back to your good ole pale freckly self in no time.

Exfoliating Mitt  

If (unlike me) you’re a light tanner you have it easy, exfoliator and exfoliating mitts should do the job without the need for erasers. However, mitts can be tough on the skin so be gentle and make sure to give yourself a little TLC and invest in a nice moisturiser to soothe your skin afterwards.


Speaking of taking care of your skin, moisturisers are essential. There is no point in exfoliating in the shower and taking all of the above steps to prep the skin, to skip the last and most important step. Without moisturising, tan will stick and grab to any dry spots you have like elbows, knees, ankles etc. My favourite moisturisers lately are Palmer’s Moisturisers and Nia Natural Balm. Palmer’s moisturisers smell so amazing and are really rich, luxurious and won’t leave your skin feeling oily. Nia Natural Balm is a gorgeous product that was sent to me by the lovely Celia, since then it’s become part of my tanning routine, its 100% natural and is proven to relieve itch and irritation from sensitive skin. This balm can be a bit oilier so I use this one after showers at night time.

Follow these steps to save yourself from any unexpected sunny days and keep people guessing how you manage to get such a flawless glow! I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog. Please get in touch with me and let me know how you get on with your summer tanning.

Sophie x



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