Families fear for safety in Sean Walsh Park
Two young men were allegedly in Sean Walsh Park at the weekend

Families fear for safety in Sean Walsh Park

THE alleged assault of two young men in Sean Walsh Park in Tallaght on Sunday evening is just the latest in a series of escalating incidents of anti-social behaviour in the park, according to a local resident.

Gardai are currently investigating the alleged assaults on two male youths, who were taken to Crumlin Children’s Hospital where they received treatment.

A garda spokesperson told The Echo: “Their injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. No arrests have been made. Investigations [are] ongoing.”

A resident who lives near the park, who asked to remain unnamed, said there have been longstanding issues with anti-social behaviour that seem to be worsening.

“The latest incident was shocking. Two lads getting assaulted…these people and gangs are up to no good. It’s deplorable what’s going on,” he said.

“Gangs can often be heard at night shouting and roaring and breaking bottles.

“People are drinking during the day. I have seen drug deals in broad daylight, at around 4pm can be a very common time.

“You can walk through the playground in the morning and see loads of broken bottles. You can’t bring kids there.

“The guards don’t have enough resources. You can’t blame them. Look at the size of Limerick and they have three stations – Tallaght has only one station.

“How do you expect the guards to police the park with those resources?”

People in the area feel uncomfortable when they see groups of people congregating in the park and drinking, according to the resident, who added that he and his family “fear for their safety” due to the issues in the park.

A garda spokesperson said: “The Sean Walsh Park area is regularly patrolled by Gardai to help discourage anti-social behaviour in the park.”

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