Garda cars attacked and stoned by thugs in estate
Residents are concered with the escalation of anti-social behaviour in the St Mark’s area of Clondalkin

Garda cars attacked and stoned by thugs in estate

AN ESCALATION of joyriding and large gangs of youths at a housing estate in recent weeks, has seen garda cars attacked and stoned by thugs.

Residents at St Mark’s in north Clondalkin, say there has been an increase of this activity since Christmas.

Speaking on Tuesday morning, a St Mark’s resident, who did not wish to be named, said: “Last night there was four garda cars chasing a robbed car and a crowd of about 30/40 youths. The night before, a garda car was stoned out of it by a gang of youths.

“Gardai are out regularly, and the drugs squad have carried out a few raids.”

Another resident said the issue stems from recent housing developments and blamed the council for not enforcing tenancy rules.

“People have been living here for 40 years but there was no trouble before units were built on an infill site,” said the resident.

“A few houses attract loads of people outside. There has been drug dealing in the open, wheelie bins burnt out, a resident’s car was burned out last year, destruction of council property, it has gotten out of hand.

“Initially the council promised us a meet and greet before people moved in but this didn’t happen. We have contacted TD’s, there have been meetings with gardai, and the council have been out, but it looks like they are putting the fingers up to everyone.”

TD Mark Ward (SF) acknowledged there has been an “escalation of joyriding, attacks on gardai, and wheelie bin incidents” in recent weeks, including a “stolen car” on Monday night, but believes most of the youths are arriving from other areas.

“There was a number of meetings before Christmas, with gardai and the council. In fairness to the council, they have an action plan in place,” said Deputy Ward.

“The information I’m getting from talking to people is while there are some local people involved, a lot of people are coming from outside, so it is not necessarily people from the new development.

“There is a big field there and laneway with bollards which provides escape routes. Speaking to gardai this morning they say it is a priority to restore it. Before Summer, there was a lot of drug dealing very prevalent out in the street, gardai went in and stopped that.

“The last couple of weeks there has been an escalation, these things can go up and down. The last time the council went in they identified and calmed it down, spoke to affected families.”

A spokesperson for South Dublin County Council said: “It is our policy not to publicly discuss specifics of any issues or incidents that may have occurred. In all such matters we will investigate in accordance with our Anti-Social Behaviour Strategy and relevant housing legislation and where necessary take the appropriate action liaising with residents and any other agencies involved.”

The Echo contacted Lucan Garda Station but did not receive a reply before going to print.

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