Garda Commissioner Harris says that the grief and trauma cannot ‘be underestimated”
Gardai at the scene on Rossfield Estate on Sunday morning

Garda Commissioner Harris says that the grief and trauma cannot ‘be underestimated”

WHAT happened in Rossfield has been described as “one of the worst incidents” that Garda Commissioner Drew Harris has come across in his almost four decades of policing.

Gardai responded to the scene at Rossfield Avenue, where Lisa Cash (18) and her twin siblings Chelsea and Christy Cawley (eight) had been fatally wounded, in the early hours of Sunday.

Following a stand-off, Gardai used non-lethal weapons to subdue and detain Andy Cash, who was later charged with the murder of his two sisters and brother.

Following the incident, Garda Commis-sioner Drew Harris told media about the trauma experienced.

“I’ve spoken to some of the guards who initially responded,” Mr Harris said.

“It’s one of the worst incidents that I’ve heard of or come across in my service, and we’ve put in place appropriate support for them, but we had also acknowledged the trauma visited upon the local community in terms of the shock of this incident, and the subsequent grief can’t be underestimated either.

“It’s very much a live investigation. I would acknowledge as well that neighbours made a quick report to ourselves. We responded quickly.

“The initial Gardai arrived and did tremendous work, showed great courage and fortitude in terms of their response and they were quickly backed up by specialist colleagues, who again acted with great professionalism and courage in dealing with the incident.”

Speaking to The Echo on Tuesday, one local councillor acknowledged the work of first responders on the scene.

“As the details started to emerge, and we realised the horror of it all, we were all deeply affected by it – neighbours, gardai, journalists,” Cllr Charlie O’Connor said to The Echo.

“We have heard about the upset and shock of the first responders on the scene, members of An Garda Síochána.

“We have to keep in mind what the Gardai had to deal with and face when they arrived on scene.”

On Monday evening, Andy Cash was charged with the three murders and brought before a special late sitting of Dublin District Court.

Just hours before that, family, friends, and neighbours gathered outside the family home at Rossfield Avenue to mourn the tragic losses with a balloon release and candlelit vigil.

Songs were played to the crowd, which was hundreds deep, gathered around the cordoned off family home.

Flowers, cards, and posters were on the ground outside the crime scene in tribute to the siblings.

The crowd stood in silence as pink and blue balloons were released into the air remembering the lives lost.

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