Good quality social housing is needed for South County

Good quality social housing is needed for South County

By Echo Reader

Dear Editor,

I AM most concerned that the issue of social housing is becoming so contentious within our community.
The report in The Echo (November 12) highlighted the anger of residents of Killinarden who say that they have had their “fill of social housing”.

There is no doubting the fact that we need good quality and well-maintained social housing in our constituency.

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But the reality is that poor planning in previous decades, has created numerous estates with high levels of social deprivation and unfortunately anti-social behaviour. However social housing is required and it is not just for our vulnerable.

Renua Ireland are committed to a social housing building programme that will address the needs of those on housing waiting lists, but also the many others who are priced out of the housing market such as nurses, teachers and gardaí.

Creating genuinely mixed housing development across our constituency may address the fears of many, while attracting the significant funds required to build the housing we need.

Renua’s policy has mirrored how other countries have successfully accessed significant investment by pension funds attracted to such projects, so we could too.

Yours sincerely,
Councillor Ronan McMahon,
South Dublin County Council.

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