Have you spotted the new mural in Tallaght Village?

Have you spotted the new mural in Tallaght Village?

By Mary Dennehy

A NEW mural painted on a wall in Tallaght Village stands to recognise the past, the present and most importantly, the sunny days ahead.

Tallaght street artist Emmalene Blake has painted a striking mural of author and artist Moira Fowley on a wall at O’Leary Solicitors in the village.

Mural airbrushed by Liz 1

The mural in Tallaght Village by Emmalene Blake of artist Moira Fowley

Moria has been reading tarot for the past 20 years and recently designed her own deck, with Emmalene including three of her cards in the mural – The Hermit, Strength and The Sun.

Explaining her thoughts behind the creative piece, Emmalene wrote on Twitter how the mural finishes off 2020 and starts 2021 with a tarot spread for the year ahead.

Looking at the mural, it emits a sense of calm and pause in what has been a difficult time for everyone, reminding us, through a collective tarot spread, that we’ll get to those sunny days together.

“2020 was a hard year for everyone, we’ve never seen a year like it in our lifetimes”, Emmalene wrote.

“We all seemed to be wishing the year away, and assuming all would be well and back to normal come 2021.

“Here we are in 2021, and we are back in lockdown, still having to stay away from friends and family and being asked to stay at home as much as possible.

Mural airbrushed by Liz2 1

“Now is when we need our strength the most.

“Numbers are record high and hospitals are struggling.

“People are fed up. Businesses are struggling. Anxiety and mental health issues are really taking a hit (my own included). Evenings are dark and the weather is sh*te.

“But this will not last.

“None of this is permanent.

“We’re going into this new year with a vaccine.

“Two vaccines signed off and being rolled out at the moment, and another one expected to get the go ahead very soon.

“We do need to continue being hermits, but it is only temporary.

“Summer 2021 is where it’s at. There will be sun, there will be sessions, there will be friends, family, freedom.”

According to Emmalene, she received a grant from the Arts Council to create work during the pandemic.

“I changed my mind loads about what to do”, Emmalene tweeted.

“I wanted to paint something to give people hope and encourage everyone to persevere, without being patronising or making little of what people are going through.”

If you’re in the village area be sure to drop by the mural on the wall at O’Leary Solictors.  

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